Our Vision

Yos Technologies was created with a vision to improve quality of healthcare and operational efficiencies of Healthcare providers, and enhance the Healthcare experience for the consumers by creating Connected Health Record Management Systems that simplify storage, retrieval, analysis and sharing of clinical health records.

Our Mission

To build Connected Health Record Management Systems that

  • Improve Operational Efficiencies of the Healthcare Providers by enabling electronic storage, retrieval and analysis of patient health records
  • Enhance Quality of Care provided by the Healthcare Providers by simplifying sharing and access of patient health records within and across providers
  • Empower Consumers to better Manage their Health by providing anytime anywhere access to their own Personal Health Records (PHR) and Healthcare applications

With our Healthcare software, services and connectivity solutions, we aim to transform the current disconnected Healthcare Ecosystem into a "Connected" Healthcare Ecosytem, enabling "Continuous Healthcare" for all.